Saturday, April 2, 2011

Insurance Company: Asuransi Astra-The Journey

Here is the journey of one of insurance companies in Indonesia, Asuransi Astra.

12 September 1956. One step forward is started here. On this date PT Buana Insurance Company was established and started its business as an insurance company (general insurance).

In 1981. Growing expectations with its largest share of the company by PT Astra International (AI). It is hoped that this will increasingly give spirit to provide the best in performance.

In 1985. PT Buana Insurance Company opened a new branch in the city of Semarang.

In 1990. PT Buana Insurance Company changed its name to PT Astra Buana Insurance (AAB). This change of name and logo reinforce affiliation at Astra Group, a company known to have financial position and good management.

In 1992. AAB opened a new branch in the city. Total branches at that time amounted to 4 branches.

In 1994. AAB re-opened two new branches in the city of Medan and Makassar, so that the total branch amounted to 6 branches.

In 1995. This year, 95% of its shares owned by PT Astra International. The Company also launched its car insurance product "Garda Oto" and opened two new branches in Jakarta and Solo.

In 1996. AAB re-opened three new branches in the city of Bogor, Palembang and Denpasar.

In 1997. AAB achieved ISO 9001 certification in recognition of performance and commitment to the quality. In addition, also in this year also opened six new branches in the city of Jakarta, Tangerang, Jakarta, Cirebon and Lampung. So that the AAB had a total branch amounted to 17 branches.

In 1998. AAB-they started a company's internal organization into two major parts, namely Personal Line and Corporate Line. In addition to that, the Garda Oto become a pioneer in the riots to cover for its customers. Business conditions are getting better, it is anticipated by the AAB to open five new branches in the city of Pekanbaru, Batam, Purwakarta and Yogyakarta.

Year 2000. In this year, AAB sharpens the vision. Vision, mission and core values ​​are updated and strengthened as the company handles the company in achieving its goals. The various benefits provided to customers Garda Oto, such as: 24 Hour Access Guard, Guard Standby, website Garda Oto Oto Visa and Garda Card. Condition and appearance of any uniformed branch.

Years 2001 to 2005. A variety of recognition received by Astra Insurance as evidence of satisfactory performance and service for its customers. ICSA, IBBA, Best General Insurance, Green Company - Attestation of Assessment Certification, E-Company Award, Call Center Service Excellent Award MAKE Award and is part of the awards received by Astra Insurance during the year 2001 s / d 2005.
On March 16, 2005, Astra Insurance unit to expand its business by opening up Islamic unit. Islamic unit itself can serve retail and corporate customers with a reassuring feature, fair and profitable.

Of 2006. Innovation to give the best to its customers is manifested in the launch services Q'Repair Garda. This service allows for customers who qualify for vehicle damage repaired within one working day. AAB related golden anniversary, a variety of activities themed "Safety is Everybody's Concern" was organized as: Creativity Safety, Fun Safety Rally, Driving Safety Course and Touring Safety & Fun.

In 2008. Medical Guard present to provide services in the field of health insurance. Convenience to customers continue to be pursued, even Garda CALL nationwide access to a number 75 900.

In 2010. Astra Insurance launches Q'System Garda which is a B2B system with partner workshops for the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. Furthermore, the addition of benefits to customers through surveys Garda Oto @ your Doorstep, customers can make an appointment place and timing of the survey claims