Friday, September 2, 2011

Tips for Avoiding Your Car Being Stolen

Car thefts often occur in large cities. There are many factors that cause it, could be due to personal negligence as well as a car thief who now is more cunning in the conduct of the action. Check out some of our tips to avoid car theft:

1. Parking in the light and seen by many people.
It can be discouraged thieves to steal your car because the action will be easily seen by many people.

2. Do not leave valuables when you leave the car.
Valuables such as wallets, laptops, cell phones and other valuables would be very easy to draw the attention of thieves. Even if you are forced to leave it in the car, keep it in a safe and not easily visible.

3. Avoid putting securities in the car.
Common habits are automobile owners and vehicle registration BPKB often kept in the glove compartment.

4. Before you leave the car, make sure you have closed the doors and windows of the car and locked it.
Never leave your car in a hurry so that you forget to pay attention to the security of your car.

5. Make sure your car is protected by a trusted insurance can assure you of the loss of a stolen car.

In addition to the above, you can also use a car safety device is commonly sold in the market. Here's a safety car that you can use to support the safety of your car from theft:

1. Use a car alarm.
Alarm sound is loud and yelling ear is powerful enough to startle thieves and continue the action.

2. Do not forget to lock the steering wheel while leaving the car.
Steering lock can deter a car to move because of linking the steering wheel with one of the components of pedam brake, clutch, and gas.

3. Use wheel locks.
Wheel lock can deter a car to move by hooking the car wheels. It would be difficult for car theft in public places.

4. Use a GPS (Global Positioning System) Transmitter.
This tool is able to accurately track the position of making it possible to know the position of your car during the theft.

5. Fill your car with Immobilizer Keys.
This is an engine management system within the ECU (Electronic Control Unit or computer system that regulates the car) that can recognize the signal sent from the key. This involves placing a microchip in the key head, where the chip is a miniature transmitter and receiver. If the signal is not recognized, then the ECU does not send flow so the engine does not start.

Hope that tips will help you. Thank you for reading.

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